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smaill-business-loansAs a small business owner yourself, you don’t need to be told of the many financial obstacles impeding most start-ups and small companies from ever getting up off the ground. Yet if you are like most first-time entrepreneurs, then you’re also likely unaware of the many financial resources that are out there at your disposal. Most in your position mistakenly believe that their only financing options lie through traditional lenders. If recent commercial history has taught us anything, it’s that such institutions are often not kind to small businesses. That’s OK; we here at Commercial Capital World can show you a better way.

What You Need To Know

Through the SBA Small Business Loan program, the federal government has made billions of dollars of assistance available to companies such as yours. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the SBA program, and many business owners allow it to deter them from ever learning more about what this program has to offer. As an SBA Preferred Financial Services company, we have all the information you need to know the truth about federal assistance. Here now is an attempt to debunk some of the more common SBA program myths:

  • Qualifying For An SBA Loan: All you need to qualify for the either the 7(a) or 504 loan programs is to have a workforce of less than 100 employees if you’re a service providers, 500 employees if you’re a manufacturer, or annual revenues of less than $6 million of you’re a retailer.
  • SBA Loan Amounts: SBA 7(a) loans can be taken for anywhere from $200,000 to $5 million, while 504 loans offer loan amounts of up to $12 million.
  • What Can You Use An SBA Loan For: You can allocate the funds from an SBA loan wherever you like, including:
    • Buying new commercial property
    • Purchasing new equipment
    • Consolidating your company’s debt

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The financial assistance that you need to help solidify the future for your small business is out there; you simply need to know how to take advantage of it. It’s our job here at Commercial Capital World to show you how. To get started on your SBA loan application, simply give us a call today.