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Purchase Order and Trade Finance

Stake Your Claim to Your Spot in the Supply Chain

purchase-order-financingCarving out your own little place within the network of the supply chain is no easy task. Securing deals can be difficult thanks to the much larger competitors out there, and even when you can bring new clients in, fulfilling their purchase orders often puts tremendous financial strain on your already-limited resources. Thus, the challenge becomes being able to increase your market share while simultaneously meeting the demands of production. Our team here at Commercial Capital World can make this happen for you.

The Tools that Compose Our Purchase Order Financing Program

We can offer you financing options to help fill your role as either a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor. These include:

  • Letters of Credit for trade financing
  • Funding assistance for import/export transactions
  • Production financing for large orders you may already have in progress

All of these tools make up our Purchase Order Financing program. Countless companies similar to yours have used this program to expand their professional footprints within their respective divisions of the supply chain, without having to compromise their traditional borrowing capacity to do so. Why shouldn’t you be next?

Get Started Today

It’s time you planted your flag firmly in your industry for all prospective clients to see. Through our PO funding program, you’re ensured to have all of the financial resources at your disposal to increase your influence within the supply chain by always delivering on client orders. Let’s begin this journey together by you contacting one of commercial finance experts to get your purchase order financing application started today.