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When You Need Help Securing Business Equipment, Come to Us!

equipment-financingLarge, expensive equipment is a must-have for most businesses, but it can be difficult to come up with the funding necessary to purchase equipment up-front. At Commercial Capital World, we provide invaluable financing services that can help you secure the equipment you need without draining your financial reserves. Our equipment leasing and financing programs can be used to obtain practically any type of machinery necessary to grow your business and sell more products.

Our Generous Programs

We have a variety of equipment financing programs to choose from, including:

  • Sale and Lease Back: This attractive program offers an alternative to securing loans through regular bank lines. Simply allow us to purchase your equipment, then lease it back to you. Once you have made all of your lease payments, the equipment will be yours once again.
  • Startup Program: We know how challenging it is for start-up businesses to establish a foothold in the economy, which is why we are happy to offer financial products that are specifically intended for start-ups.
  • “Second Chance” Program: Difficult economic times take a toll on businesses of all sizes, and our “Second Chance” program can help. Even if your credit has been damaged by hard times, we may still be able to offer approval for one of our financial products.
  • Government Programs: We lease equipment to municipalities and government entities of all types. Armed forces, libraries, public schools, police departments, libraries and any other state or federal agency can benefit from our leasing programs.

Acquiring equipment has never been easier, thanks to our convenient leasing and financing programs. Take advantage of this service, and you will be able to leave your bank credit lines available for other pressing needs.

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Acquiring necessary equipment doesn’t have to put a large financial strain on your budget. Call Commercial Capital World today and find out how our financing programs can help you obtain the equipment you need while freeing up more of your business capital for other needs.