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Advice for Getting a CRE Loan

  A commercial real estate loan is used solely for business purposes and often used for a financing income-producing property. If you are looking into getting approved for a CRE loan, there are a few things you can do before you meet with a lender that will tremendously improve your[…]

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Need Hotel Financing? This Is What Lenders Want To See

    If you’re looking for hotel financing, there are several pieces of information and documentation which you should have prepared for your lender of choice to peruse. This is a very dense and rather tedious process that requires the submission of a great deal of paperwork regarding how your[…]

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Get Approved for Fitness Franchise Financing

    For several decades, the fitness industry continues to expand. For entrepreneurs hoping to take advantage of this trend, fitness club franchises promise continued financial opportunity. Get approved for fitness franchise financing and you’ll have the startup money you need to build your business. Small Business Loans: a Building[…]

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Small Business Financing for Big Success

Small business financing is easier to obtain than you may think, and there are a myriad of options to choose from. It may be beneficial to use more than one funding option as they all have advantages and disadvantages. Having multiple sources of funding can also save your small business[…]

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An Introduction to Medical Practice Acquisitions

    In a world of larger physician networks, where medical costs are on the rise and health insurance is mandated by the government, many doctors and hospitals are turning to medical practice acquisitions. Consolidating private practices with a hospital or healthcare system can benefit both parties. How It Works[…]

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The Advantages Of Venture Capital Financing

    In the even that an aspiring business owner offers a service or product with no comparable model already on the market, finding funding can be rather difficult. Due to the lack of proof of success for this venture, banks and other lending institutions are hesitant to get their[…]

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Can Business Acquisition Loans Work For Your Next Purchase?

If you’re an experienced business owner, business acquisition loans may already be a familiar concept to you. However, if they are not, and you are looking to purchase a preexisting business, you should certainly take a moment to educated yourself on the benefits associated with this type of loan, and[…]

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